Join us to New Horizons!

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, the fields of study that our association represents are more than ever present in modern day society. Mathematics and Computer Science fulfill a very important role in the world, and their influence will only grow in the years to come. The techniques and products that emerge from our growing knowledge and expertise have become essential to our way of life, so it might not come as a surprise that the list of countries making extreme progress in these fields is ever growing.

To give members of CH the opportunity to experience education and business on an international scale, the association organises a study visit every three years with a destination outside of Europe. The next study visit will take place in the summer of 2019, where 32 enthusiastic participants can emerge themselves in Japan and South Korea, with Japan as an already emerged country regarding technology, full of nature and a culture known nowhere in the western world. And for South Korea  as an emerging country regarding technology with a beautiful nature and with the same mystical culture. Participants will get the unique chance to visit top universities, multinationals, large and small companies, awe-inspiring cultural hot spots and beautiful landscapes.

Japan, a country stretching 400 thousand square kilometers and numbering some 126 million inhabitants, is one of the most futuristic and well developed countries of Asia. As the country occupies a vast area divided over almost 7000 islands, it offers a broad range of sights. From old temples still shining like they once were and beautiful maintained nature to megacities and highly developed technology, the diversity in culture is immense. All of this makes for a perfect travel destination, where having new experiences plays a central role.

South Korea, a country stretching 100 thousand square kilometers made up of almost 3000 different islands and numbering some 51 million inhabitants, is a country that in the last years has developed itself into a country that’s one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. South Korea offers a broad range of sights, from old Korean temples to beautiful hot springs, gardens and wild nature to large metropoles and the fascinating people of South Korea itself, the diversity in this country is immense and seen nowhere else.

These two countries will give the visiting person a experience which they have never felt and seen before, the country’s are one of a kind and the culture is mostly unknown for the people in the West. So these countries will make a perfect travel destination.


The current plan is to visit four cities, namely Tokyo, Kyoto, Daejon and Seoul. Each of these cities offers a broad range of possibilities for visits and excursions. In Tokyo, Kyoto and Seoul house multiple multinationals, as well as a lot of interesting companies to visit. When it comes to education a lot of universities are located in these cities, as well as a lot of beautiful nature spots and cultural highlights.

There isn’t a significant site in these countries which everybody knows, like for example the Eiffel Tower, but the countries give us so many lesser known beautiful places to visit. Everywhere there are old temples to visit, delicious traditional food to eat and many places to experience the exceptional culture.

We will give you the opportunity to come along on this trip and experience this totally new culture, visit some top universities and get a look at some inspiring companies.

There is a variety of topics that play a large part in the Japanese and South Korean industry, so-called ‘Topics of Interest’. Examples of these topics are big data, sustainability and privacy. Each of these topics is closely related to both Mathematics and Computer Science, thus offering plentiful opportunities for participants to enhance their knowledge on this subject. The program of the study visit will be incorporating these topics to create cohesion between the different activities that will take place in the three weeks that we’ll be visiting Japan and South Korea.


Is your curiosity sparked by the study visit and its destinations, and do you want to become a participant of this trip? Registration will open on 28th September and a lunch information meeting will be organised as well on that date. The study visit is meant for Master students and students in the last phase of their Bachelor’s degree. Selection will take place on a couple of criteria such as study progress, motivation, experience with committee or board work and extracurricular activities. The precise procedure and rules will be published when registration starts. The travel party will consist of 32 people, including 23 students, 6 committee members, 1 board member and 2 teachers.


In the event that you are selected as a participant, not only will you be embarking on this fantastic trip, you will also attend the preliminary program. The preliminary program will take place  during this college year and consists of visiting companies during in-house days and attending lectures as well as social drinks. You can also read about this in the participations requirements on the site. The program allows you to get to know interesting companies and your fellow participants.

If you want to learn more about the study visit, don’t hesitate to talk to one of the committee members, they are eager to tell you more.

There’s only two things left to say:


See you in Japan!

남한에서 보자!
See you in South-Korea!

Bastiaan Bakker


Study Visit Committee ‘New Horizons’